Monday, June 7, 2010

Back from the US

Back from our trip to the States...our exciting America is oh it just huge and fabulous at the same time shall put some pics up when i have sorted them out ...
First off we went to LA what an interesing place took the touristy bus and saw Beverley Hills,Rodeo Drive,Hollywood and Santa Monica Beach.Next we went to Santa Diego fantastic place lots to see and stop was New York OMG what a big place so much to see there would need to go back and see what we missed.
The stores are just on a bigger scale and the fashion oh i could have bought heaps home but did already were overloaded as it was, so all in all was a great trip can't wait to go back ...any takers????


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welcome home Lindy, glad you had such a wonderful trip to the US. Love Ness xx

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