Saturday, May 14, 2011


Blogger was down yesterday  nearly all day
just very annoying ...
anyway my post for yesterday i was showing
TCR card and page
on my card i decided to do a very vintage card
with lots of tea dyeing and found some very old papers
all and all a very nice card

I struggled with the lo but it should have been easy
i have done vintage colours so many times in the past
so i decided to use lots of stamps, even one's which are virgins
some paint misting(my fav atm) can you tell??? lol
some masking tape Lydell's Technique this technique
which i have done heaps of

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Eila Sandberg said...

I so grrrr:ed with you!! loved your page and card over at TCR and still do when seeing them again here on your blog. Is it DH playing with his fishing rod and tackle there on the beach or just unknown dudes pausing unawares for your smashing page? *giggle*. Which ever, I really really do love your layout!! Cheers!

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