Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just some Me pages

                  Some pages i've done and havn't
                        put them up here
                the first one is just a gorgeous photo
                       of DS's girl friend
                   don't normally do pink
                    so had a bit fun with it

Isn't it funny we always like to use the same colours
oh such creatures of habit aren't we!!
My DS as a baby
love the photo had to adjust it a bit because of the era
it was taken


Heather Jacob said...

sigh !!!! drooling Lindy, just drooling over these works of art !!!! hugz x

phillipa said...

Yeah me too...drooling that is!! They are both gorgeous pages!!

Helena Virpi said...

Love both of these even though the pink one is my fave. Your paint splattering is always awesome! Nice use of white space too.

Eila Sandberg said...

Just like tropical fruit juice, makes one dribble! sooo joining in on the drooling bit! Naw, don't think you gyrate to a few specific colours, all of your pages have different hues in them. xxx

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