Sunday, June 19, 2011

Show us your stuff

Over at Show us your stuff for the 1st June challenge
sketch and the theme is' Winter',
i used some old pics of my sis when she was in New York

I turned the sketch on it's side and used
4 small pick instead of the larger one
I whitewashed the background paper
as it was a bit bright
and love using  banners as i think they're
still in vogue...

a few years back...Brrrr it looked cold


Sara said...

I love your take on my sketch. Thanks for playing along at SUYS.

Penny said...

I absolutely adore this page Lindy. You've used the Challenge #2 teal and cream colour scheme as well did you realise! Clever you!

Eila Sandberg said...

TOTALLY with you on the cold white stuff not being my idea of fun either, brrrr big time! you say you whitewashed the page, please do disclose HOW! it looks so even and smooth, no visible brush traces. Did you sponge it? Cheerio Miss Lindy!

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