Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Technique at My2 Angels

Altering Chipboard with Glimmer Mist
by Tracy

This technique I am showing you today came by accident when I placed a piece of chipboard on some water .... I won't go there of why water on my scrapping table!

Grab a piece of acetate or similar product which won't soak up your glimmer mist ... (acetate acts as a resistant mat).

Place your chipboard onto acetate and gently pour glimmer mist over the chipboard

With your fingers swish the chipboard over the glimmer mist until completely soaking it on both sides

Then with your finger nail or object with a point, like your tailor awl, peel apart the layers of the chipboard till you have the desired effect and then let it dry ... it will take a few hours to dry depending on how much glimmer mist you have used

You can use so many different mediums to finish them off ... here are a few examples

For scrapware barb wire or scrapware chipboard cogs ink with silver or black first then soak in Silver Glimmer Mist for a metallic look (we did this at a recent "sold out" class here at my2angels)

And here I completed my first double layout in a looooong time (and probably the last time I got away with wearing a bikini!). I have used a sheet of scrapware butterflies and Prima Madeline Parsley Place inside the doilys and for the main background Prima Madeline Parfait

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MommaSaid said...

This looks like a technique I'd have fun with! I think I even have a few chipboard pieces in mind for first attempts. Thank you for sharing!

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