Saturday, September 24, 2011

Challenge passion 4 fashion

Challenge 3 Passion 4 Fashion

CONSERVATIVE (feminine/demure)- This category includes traditional old fashioned, but should not be misunderstood as classic because of its girlish features.

Colours - Pastel, soft blends, muted rainbows.

Lines - Simple flows, rounded curves and semi- fitted.

Textures - Light, flowing, lace,usually old-fashioned small print.

Effects - Fragile, soft, charming, innocent and very feminine.

Favourite Accessory - Very simple accessories, sometimes diamond accessories.

Note: Notice the simple accessories, its pastel colours and rounded lines.


Eila Sandberg said...

OOOH LINDY! you know what a sucker I am for pastels - this page of yours makes my heart go boom boom! it's soooo pretty!! Good golly Miss Molly - this is gorgeous!! Happy to see you scrapping again, neck a lot better I reckon? xoxoxox

Patricia said...

this page is wonderful.. all sweet... Like it!

antonia said...

Hello Lindy, miss you.

phillipa said...

Oh my Miss Lindy...this is beautiful!!! Will see you next week hopefully! Just had to go and buy a new case!!!!!!!! Oh dear!!!

Karen said...

Just beautiful Lindy!! Love the way you have used the chicken wire in the background and made it look so feminine!

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