Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Passion 4 Fasion week 6

ELEGANT - This style includes expensive designer's reproduction, but should not be misunderstood as "haute couture" or high fashion.

Colour - Unusual, muted solid colours (gray, black and white are common)

Lines - Mostly uncomplicated and well fitted (think Chanel, classic styles)

Textures - Fine fabrics, usually expensive materials.

Effects - Very refined, chic and executive-looking.

Needs - Semi custom-made or altered to fit.

Favorite Accessory - Coordinated Accessories and matching real gold and diamond accessories.


phillipa said...

Oh, very elegant indeed!!!

mel said...

soo elegant!!
Youv'e done it again with another amazing LO!!

Patricia said...

ver very beautiful.. the black backroud is so fashion..

Lydell said...

Great page Lindy! Love the black and white!

Eila Sandberg said...

Ooooh snazzy indeed Lindy! xxx

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