Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just some pics to share

At the beginning of the week
we drove up to Bundaberg to see
Kate since she has moved there
a few months ago.
One of the beaches up there is
called Bargara and close bye
is Eliott Heads very nice by the
the first pic is of Eliott heads
and the next one is from Bargara

Thanks for taking the time to visit
my humble blog

The day was so winding and overcast

Just had to get a seagull in flight

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Eila Sandberg said...

Must have been nice seeing Kate despite the weather! Did the last of my X-mas shopping today, sprinted in through the doors when the department store opened, took what I had to have and got myself home before the crowds inundated the streets. Get palpitations just thinking about it yuk! oxoxox

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