Friday, April 27, 2012

Doing some me time

 A few weeks ago i did some layouts for CSI a new challenge site the main focus is your stories...
you can find it here....look out a monster blog post, i've been a a slack blogger of late
just don't seem to find the time...thanks ladies for taking a peek and hope it's not too
boring for you ...
Don't we hate change girls!!! blogger is giving me such grieve i could scream...
i guess i shall get used to it in time, by then blogger will change things again lol!!!!!

      Case # 15
When i first saw the colours and the image i  thought omgoodness just
 out of my comfort zone but hey just grab a  photo of Java our obnoxious cat
 which i have heaps of those and just go  with the flow

Case # 14
Such a collections of gorgoeus colours
just couldn't past the sunset photos
which were taken about 3 years back
and did alot of texture misting  to the page
and of course my fav (not) journalling

  Case # 13
 This one was interesing  didn't know where to begin with this one
just had a search through  some  older pics and went with mainly the blues
 also this pic is from 2008 when we went on  a cruise oh can you imagine
 the layed back life in the islands,  just sheer magic

                                                             Case # 9
Lots of misting and texture again
using texture paste gesso and shimmerz
the photo is when Kate and I went to NZ
 earlier in the year and stayed by the beach
oh what a surprise that is ha!ha!
since for the ladies that don't kow me that well
i grew up at the beach and now live a short
distance from it ..


Janice Nicholls said...

Gorgeous pages Lindy. Your pages are always your style.
Have a lovely weekend. :) x

Lizzy Hill said...

Wow! You have been busy:):) And yes, blogger can be challenging!!!! LOVE all your different flowers, they're just gorgeous...your work is amazing, looking at it:):):)

phillipa said...

Beautiful work there my dear friend :):):)

Belinda said...

Goodness me!! these layouts are utterly sublime!! LOVE them all and your 'obnoxious' cat. IKWYM about blogger too!! Had to stuff around with my last blog post for ages as it wasn't spacing things out properly. GRRRR.

Eila Sandberg said...

I wouldn't call Blogger just challenging, it's a bloody nuisance!! gosh I am screaming with ya Lindy, hate what they've done. He he SOOO glad you have started playing along at CSI too! and see what some journalling does for you, constant features!! ;)) You've done a splendid job with each case file, just like you I start by scratching my hair wondering where on earth to start but somehow I end up with a page anyway. Your furry baby is just the cutest boy ever! Didn't know you grew up by the ocean but I do know you always have the yummiest of ocean related piccies. Stockholm is on water, so I've always lived with the Baltic Sea around the corner. Would shrivel without the seagulls and smell of water I think. Me time, my goodness how I long for some me time! Let's toast to that sweet friend!! xoxox

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