Sunday, September 2, 2012

Case 34

This week at CSI case no. 34...still with the sea theme

even though i had a moment with the colours

i think it was the berry colour i had trouble with, I used a little flower
to solve that problem.

I binned the first page lucky nothing was glued down
this one is a lot better...

Products: Prima paper, MMI paper, cardboard texture paste mists gesso stamps,
kasier &Prima flowers, Da chip, Ms punches,gauze.



Linda said...

Oh, love this! The little birds on the top are soo cute :)

Adriana B said...

beautiful page, love the photos, and textures so amazing :)

Lizzy Hill said...

Fab, Lindy, I'd give you top prize with how you got in your pink all the bg work - I always do:):):). Great way you've set the photos out, too:):):)

Lizzyc said...

This is beautiful Lindy, I love the use of the 4 photos, great back ground too!

Eila Sandberg said...

My goodness what a delish background! and not a sign of that struggle you mentioned. Great photos as always too. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! xoxo

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