Sunday, September 16, 2012

Found some time up my sleeve

to get the CSI challenge in before it closed

this week CSI has combined with OUAS

love these colours soft and pastel
just my thing atm!
The theme of my page is being healthy
getting up doing some excerise

i was told theother day i have become a gym junkie
of course i had a laugh-but after my accident last year
i need to get fit again, as we get older everything seems to
goes south  i'm sure most of my peeps agree ...
and there I am with all the hot young bods lol!!!



Lizzy Hill said...

Well done getting this one done, Lindy!!! What a novel way of using little pegs...I would NEVER have thought & I LOVE your 'pop' of lace. YUM:):):)

Lizzyc said...

FABULOUS Layout Lindy! I love the round photo, and can you find some time up your sleeve for me too..haha!and well done on your fitness.. I hope you feel wonderful for it too!

Di Garling said...

You have totally cracked this case Lindy. Just beautiful. Di xo

Eila Sandberg said...

Oh yes, know all about the charter trips down south he he ;))
Could sure use that time stash in your sleeve!
Am so glad you got this done, it's absolutely gorgeous!! love everything both Lizzys have already mentioned, just delightful in every way possible! Packed off the boss on a two-day conference out of the office and the million dollar question is where will I be ... xoxox

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