Thursday, January 3, 2013

New BITW - Whisper

First off Wendy has a little message to one and all-

Hi Everyone! Our final word for a little while will be WHISPER. I like the sound of this is actually really, really cold where I live right now and sometimes when it is really cold and really dark I get the feeling that I need to whisper when I am outside because it is incredibly quiet and peaceful.

I cannot wait to see what you create! I think of soft blues and whites with this word. What do you think of?

I am way behind with winner's announcements and over the next few weeks before my new baby arrives I will have all of the winners posted and prizes handed out.

Last week I had mentioned that I would be taking off the month of January, but then I started thinking that it will probably be a better fit if I start back up in March. I am due February 15th, so who knows what the month of February will bring. Thank you to all of you for hanging in there with me while I work through my personal life. It means a lot!

I am home all of this weekend so I hope to post winners then.

Take care and a happy, happy new year!

xoxo Wendy.

When i saw this word Whisper i thought the potanial was endless...
but the first thing came into my head was the she-oak trees at Mon Repos
a reserve near Bundaberg where the turtles bred...

I went with the simple look on this page - only a couple of layers but still with some masking

Hope everyone had a save New Years and this years brings happiness to all




Lizzyc said...

Gorgeous layout Lindy, your photos remind me of the trees at Kings beach caloundra.. and they would wooooooo in the wind too!! I hope this is a good year for us all too!!

Adriana B said...

such a beautiful and delicate page :)

MARILYN said...

Beautiful page Lindy!!! I can imagine the sound they made when the wind blow... Happy New Year Lindy! lots of blessings! hugs!

Lizzy Hill said...

You know what, Lindy? Sometimes I think simple is best....& you've proved it here the way the flowers follow the line of your doily:):):):)

TheGirlWhohadAScrappingAddiction said...

Happy New Year to you too Lindy! All the best!!! Love your simple page, I loved Mon Repos it was so beautiful! Love turtles :)Love how you chose a subtle colour scheme it really suits the photos and memories!

Nicole said...

A beautiful page!!!!!Bisou

Eila Sandberg said...

Oooh how clever to think of those trees! must be such a beautiful place, Mon Repos, don't think I've ever heard trees blowing in the wind. Beautiful and serene page! xoxo

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