Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Place

                             Time to view the new case file #61   

My Evidence : butterflies,  
                       gold accent
My Testimony

  Leaf Stem 2 crafty

                                                                    2 Crafty     Lace border



Lizzyc said...

Oh I agree with you Lindy, I love the beach too.. beautiful layout.. very peaceful feeling!

Lizzy Hill said...

I had a feeling you liked the sea...hmmmnnn..wonder what gave me that idea [heehee]...LOVE your journaling & these colours are 'interesting'...not sure I'm sold on them...but I'll probably end up giving them a go...LOVE what you did:):):)

Eila Sandberg said...

Me too! just LOVE the beach! this was such a fabulous palette, absolutely gorgeous colours. Love the background, beautiful as always, and that fab photo! xoxoxo

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