Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Page Drafts - Treasure Sunday mornings

Check this out Emma has a challenge up and running 
still a few days to go 
and such great prizes

The challenge is to
 Be Bold 

Sunday Mornings 

                                                              The boldest i got on this layout
                                                                was having the title on it's side lol!!!

                                                  There's nothing like on a cold winter's morning
                                                   having freshly baked bread even if it's gluten free
                                                                  - I can smell from here
                                                                          just yummy

                                                     Loaded up with 2 Crafty chippies
                                         just inked in versa mark gingerbread my fav colour

                                                                        Have a nice day
                                     thanks for popping over and love reading your comments.

                                     Looks like Google started a bit earlier removing google reader
                                                   mine has disappeared already.
                                                        Catch you next time

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Margaret Mifsud said...

Gorgeous page Lindy. Beautifully done!! ox

Nicole said...

Very nice your layout!!!!!

Lizzyc said...

Oh I love this layout Lindy, the colors are wonderful.. great photo too.. and I am also GF have been for over 10 years now.. Does the home made bread taste better? I don't eat much bread anymore, but sometimes I crave a beautiful piece of bread and the bought stuff just isn't as nice!! I shall go and check my reader too.. and hopefully all my bloggy friends are on blogovin! Lets hope they don't decide to start charging us for it now!!

Lizzy Hill said...

That's sooo sad....losing Reader.....:(:( LOOOOVe this one....new fave!! ALready, I know....just ADORE what you've done to the sketch....I reckon it looks better like this than the other way!!!! REally, really lovely:):):) I sooo wanted to play along with this one. but. no. time. GRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Phillipa, said...

Awesome, awesome layout...love what you have done with the sketch and colours! Missing you my friend xo

Emma Stafrace said...

Wow stunning page Lindy. Really love how you turned the sketch and thank you for playing along. Hugs xo

Milagros C. Rivera said...

Lindy I just love the way you worked with the flipped sketch. Love the subject too seeing the photo brings the smell to my senses!!! So great!!

Eila Sandberg said...

Looks SO good how you flipped the sketch! told you these colours talk special talk to me, LOVE them! Remember I told you how my style "mushrooms" every now and then, something has happened with yours of late too. Cannot put my finger on it yet but it looks really fab! hugs,

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