Thursday, January 2, 2014

Inkido blog hop 2014

                                                                     Inkido Blog Hop
                                                            2nd January - 4th January 2014


                                                                Hello everyone and welcome!!
                                                                I'm happy you are joining us
                                                                  for the Inkido blog hop 
                                                          you have arrived from Karita blog
                                                     if you want to hop along just see the list below.
                                               By now you would have found out 3  interesting facts 
                                                          about the other DT's - so it's my turn now.

                                             1.Facts about were I live:  I live at a place called the
                                                 Gold Coast which is located in Queensland,and is one
                                                           of the main tourist location in Australia,
                                                        we experience Summer nearly all year round.
                                                        We also have very unique fauna and flora,
                                                          the animals are marsupials which include
                                                 Koala's and Kangaroo's also many of the trees are eucalyptus.

                                             2.Tip or technique: I always stamp or mask my background,
                                                    and lately I have been using mists to colour my stamps.
                                                    Just a light spray of mist is very effective.

                                              3.  Fact about a platypus: Males have a hollow spur that is
                                                    very sharp on their hind ankles which are venomous. 
                                                  This venom can incapacitate a human or kill a small animal.

                                                      A few extra things you might not know about me-
                                                           I have a love of photography which started when 
                                                     i was given a camera, i think I was was about 7 years old,

                                                       To qualify you need to visit all the DT's blogs
                                                       and leave a comment and find the secret word
                                                                    somewhere in their posts,
                                                             then when you have collected all the 
                                                                       words email your answer to 
                                                                    my secret word is YOUR

Check out the fabulous Blog candy   

you will have 3 prizes to win 
1.The newest collection from papercraft Scandinavia
(image not available yet)

                                                               2.   A4 Vintage Dream
Ideal for cardmaker's

3. choice of 12 papers from Papercraft Scandinavia
you like the best, the newest collection not included

here's a complete list of the stops 
of the blog hop.
your next stop is Nataliya Serova.


                                     Agnieszka Bellaidea 

                                            Anita Nosova

                                        Anupama Choudary
/Anupama will not take a part in this Blog Hop but you can see her latest projects/


                                           Cathrine Sandvik

                                           Heidi Augustson

                                          Helen Tilbury

                                             Hera Sugitani

                                        Irena Kowalczyk

                                           Karin Zander 

                                                                    Karita Vainio

                                        Lindy Gillespie

                                         Nataliya Serova

                              Petra Petraso Gustavsson

                                        Renea Harrison

                                               Romy Veul


                                      Stéphanie PAPIN

                                         Stina Westbom

                                         Ulrika Blomfelt

                                         Yasmin Tölche


Tone K. said...

Happy New Year !!
So nice to read about you and to get to know you better :)
I would very much like to visit your hometown some time....sigh...I love to travel :)

Frau_Muller said...

nice to meet you!

Hera said...

Hi, Lindy!!! A wonderful New Year to you and yours!!! Kisses from Brazil...

Bellaidea said...

I had only time time a chance to visit Australia but who knows, maybe someday I will visit you :)

Irit Shalom said...

Totally lovely!
Happy NewYear!

Monica said...

lovely blog. Sounds like a neat wonderful place to live. You have some very interesting facts. Happy New Year.

magda said...

Nice to meet you, Lindy :) Happy New Year!

langeatheart said...

It was a pleasure to meet you. Australia sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing about yourself and for playing along. Happy New Year and all the best!

Elfi said...

I looked a bit around on your blog and found such beautiful things I'm impressed of.
All the best

Elin Larsson said...

Wonderful to know a bit more about you. The colouring with mists makes me courious. Perhaps you show more later on ;)

Elaine coustley said...

I would love to visit The Gold Coast
my place of abode is way down south in Vic. where I can say is almost winter most of the time anyway.x

Ёжики (Yogiki-jl) said...

It’s very interesting blog-hop! Nice to meet you!

Лика Петрова said...

Happy New Year!

natashka said...

Happy New Year!

Petraso said...

awesome tio visit you!

Анастасия Паньшина said...

Happy new year! Thank you for an interesting journey!

Kathleen White said...

I think at this point I am all out of sequence with my words! Anyway, glad to meet you.

enchantmentsWanderer said...

Nice to meet you. Your work is wonderful.

Beatrice Lawson said...

All year round summer sounds great! Would love to visit:-)

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