Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jan Kraft It Up

                                             Another year begins and another challenge from
                                                this month the challenge is a sketch
                                                 and also some items to be used
                                                    1. summer Themed Photo
                                                    2. washi or similar
                                                    3. A number

I have turned the sketch on it's side 


                                       Some 2 crafty chippies which i used acrylic paint in yellow
                                                 and placed them under the layers

I postioned the washi tape as a strip of paper
under the layers also
the photo i found from a few years back 
at the north coast relaxing fishing by the waterside.

                                                                    Hope you find some time to come
                                                                         and so the challenge
                                                          it's a great way to start of the year.

                                                                             Lindy xo


Milagros C. Rivera said...

Lindy this is absolutely delightful, those yellow frills are so sweet!

Lizzy Hill said...

This is those photos & the lemon is such a fab contrast to the Kraft - like this challenge - hopefully I can join in:):)

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